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November 2017, Version 2.0

Acceptable Use Policy Overview

  1. Introduction
  2. Prohibited Actions


Thank you for using MonQcle. Please read this Acceptable Use Policy carefully. All users must follow this Acceptable Use Policy. If you violate this policy, Legal Science, LLC may suspend or terminate your account. This Acceptable Use Policy is a part of our Terms of Use.

MonQcle is owned and operated by Legal Science, LLC at 21 South 11th Street, Suite #517 Philadelphia, PA 19107. Legal Science, LLC will be referred to as “LS” under these Terms. MonQcle which is our Software as a Service, will be referred to as the “Service.” Users of this Service will be referred to “User” or “you” under these Terms.  

Prohibited Actions

Users may not:

  1. Share your password with unauthorized users;
  2. Use any misleading or incorrect e-mail addresses to create an account;
  3. Decipher or reverse engineer any of the software on the Service;
  4. Use any of the software on the Service, or downloaded from the Service, to create a competing product; and
  5. Violate any third party agreements with legal information providers. This includes the copying and pasting of legal text from these subscription sources for use in our Service.